PTA Board 2016

Mission Statement

Pacific Textile Arts is a 501(C)(3) educational non-profit existing to support, share, and celebrate the fiber arts.

Located at 450 Alger St. Fort Bragg, CA 95437 - the east end of Laurel St., turn left, first house. phone: 707-409-6811

Houses classrooms, a library, gallery, demonstration studios, and sales room.

Donations Accepted


Wednesdays 10:30-NOON Thursdays 1:30-3:30 Saturdays 11:00-1:00

For additional hours call the PTArts phone number - outgoing message has information on contacting board members: Jackie, Nancy or Lolli

Current Board Members

President: Elaine Todd
Vice President: Jackie Wollenberg
Secretary: Karen Inwood
Treasurer: Nancy Denison
Ann Brezina
Mickie McCormic
Jennie Henderson
Lolli Jacobsen
Nancy Trissel
Jackie Wollenberg
At Large: Pavlos Mayakis


Education Director: Lolli Jacobsen
Registrar: Nancy Denison
Librarian: Roberta Brockschmidt
Programs Director: Lolli Jacobsen
Facilities Development: Jackie Wollenberg
Publicity: Mickie McCormic, Laine Escola
WebMaster:  NormaLee Andres
Facebook: Karen Inwood; Jennie Henderson


Fiscal Year 2018-2019:
Mikado Tada, Jackie Wollenberg, Adriane Nicolaisen, Mickie McCormic, Alissa Allen, Lisa Grey, Jo Britton

Fiscal Year 2019-2020:
Nancy Kennedy, Sue Luna, Deborah Corsini

Other PTArts Volunteeers

Programs/Gallery: Eleanor Adams
Gallery: Adriane Nicolaisen
Gardens: Laine Escola, Diana Corbin
Historian: Nancy Denison
Asst to Historian: Laine Escola
Spinning Group Leader: Ann Brezina
Constant Contact Admin: Karen Inwood
Scrapbook: Diana Corbin

Class Opportunity

Mari Yaaguchi, of Ryukyu Textile, will hold several events at her studio (19120 Dorffi Rd., Ft. Bragg, CA) this summer.

Mari is offering the following workshops during the summer. Mari has a fascinating historical collection of Japanese textiles and plant fibers, and shares in depth knowledge about each of her treasures. Check out […]

June Classes at SF Fiber

Classes offered in Floor Loom, Rigid Heddle, Tapestry, Spinning and Navajo Rug Weaving at all levels, for kids and adults. Email Lou or call 510 995-6667 (510 99LOOMS) for more information.

April 2017 PTArts Program

SATURDAY APRIL 22, 2017 Join other PTArts program folks to enjoy a lecture from Barbara Dunsmoor from 11am to noon. Sharing and Social begin at 10am. Free to Pacific Textile Arts members and STUDENTS in the class. All welcome. Donations appreciated. Exploring this month’s theme: Art Quilts.


WORSHOP to be held in […]

March 2017 Items

GALLERY SHOW …. drawings from the Larry Thomas’ students and friends group.

INTRODUCTION TO RUG WEAVING: The Many Possibilities of Plain Weave with JASON COLLINGWOOD March 25-28 (3 1/2 days)

–> and a FRIDAY NIGHT SPECIAL 3/24/17 at 7pm talk from Youngmin Lee

Jogakbo, patchwork bojagi, embodies the philosophy of recycling, as the cloths are […]

Sign-Up for PTArts January Workshops

Sunday-Monday, Jan. 14-15, 2018, Noon to 4:30 pm — FIBER TO BRACELET with Mickie McCormic —– Learn a fast, easy way to make your own felt beads, how to ornament them, and how to create a charming bracelet by combining your felt beads with other beads. Tuition $150. Materials and equipment provided through a materials […]

PTArts February Pgm & W/S

Robin Lynde is the owner of Meridian Jacobs. There is more to running a fiber business than admiring shelves of yarn and knitting all day just as there is more to raising sheep than cuddling lambs. How do you combine farming, shop-keeping, teaching, and weaving into a successful business? Robin will discuss her experience developing […]

Program on Natural Dying with Anni Redding

Saturday 4-23-16 PTArts Program will be “Vibrant Rainbows and Earthly Mellows“. Social Circle and Show&Tell starts at 10am and program follows at 11. Workshop will begin in the afternoon.

Textile History Class #6

Feb. 13 TEXTILE HISTORY Class 1:30-4:30pm Finishes, Dyes, Dyeing, Printing If you have not enrolled for the entire class, you may attend an individual class session for $40.

Sat. Jan 30th Textile History Class

Textile History Class #4 (1:30 – 4:30pm) will be on NON-WOVENS continued — after felt and bark — LINK, LOOP, KNOT,KNIT and BASKETRY …. If you have not enrolled for the entire class, you may attend an individual class session for $40. … and yes, it does just keep getting better !

Textile History Class […]

Sat Jan 23 Textile History:

Textile History class (1:30 – 4:30pm) will be on SPINNING; NON-WOVENS: FELT, BARK …. If you have not enrolled for the entire class, you may attend an individual class session for $40. … and yes, it just gets better and better !

Textile History Class 3-H Textile History Class 3-G Textile History Class 3-F Textile History Class 3-E

Textile History Class 3-D

Textile History Class 3-C

Textile History Class 3-B

Textile History Class 3-A