PTA Board 2016

Mission Statement

Pacific Textile Arts is a 501-C-3 educational non-profit existing to support, share, and celebrate the fiber arts.

Located at 450 Alger St. Fort Bragg, CA 95437 - the east end of Laurel St., turn left, first house. phone: 707-409-6811

Houses a gallery, library, demonstration studios, sales room, and classrooms.

Wednesdays 10:30-NOON Thursdays 1:30-3:30 Saturdays 11:00-1:00

For additional hours call the PTArts phone number - outgoing message has information on contacting board members: Jackie, Nancy or Lolli

2016 Board

Current Board Members

President: Elaine Todd
Vice President: Jackie Wollenberg
Secretary: Karen Inwood
Treasurer/Office: Nancy Denison
Newsletter: Jackie Wollenberg
Monthly Programs/Gallery/Classes: Lolli Jacobsen
Publicity: Mickie McCormic, Lolli, Karen
Constant Contact: Karen Inwood
Gardens: Karen Inwood
Facilities: Jackie Wollenberg
Facebook: Karen Inwood, Jennie Henderson
Historian: Nancy Denison
At Large: Pavlos Mayakis
Spinning Group Leader: Ann Brezina

2018 new Board Members:
Nancy Trissel
Jennie Henderson

PTArts Volunteeers

Programs/Gallery: Eleanor Adams
Gallery: Adriane Nicholiasen
Librarian: Roberta Brockschmidt
Gardens: Laine Escola, Diana Corbin
Asst to Historian: Laine Escola
Scrapbook: Diana Corbin
WebMaster: NormaLee

Lisa Grey Class Information

Fabric and Paper Printing Extravaganza         2-5 days                               

 Explore the creative potential of the reusable Gelli Arts™ Gel Printing Plate. Use purchased or handmade tools and found objects to build up layers and experiment with resists, stencils and ghosts while creating unique prints or background images for further embellishment.  A variety of acrylic based paints and inks will be used as we investigate the infinite possibilities.
Materials fee for paint, paper and other shared materials supplied by me: $20/student.


Collage From Your Collections              (1-5 days, preferably at least 2)

Explore the art of collage using your own painted papers and fabrics as well as ephemera such as used tea bag papers, pattern paper pieces, old book pages, newspapers, magazines and more. Quickly design and glue down several small studies for future exploration or work on a larger piece or two. Simple framing or display options will be discussed.
Materials fee for glue, paper substrate and fusible web supplied by me: $15,00 per student.


Fold, Clamp, Wrap and Print with Rust            2-5 days

We will explore multiple ways to pattern paper and/or fabric using found rusted objects along with household staples such as tea, coffee, lemon juice, vinegar, salt, soy milk and candle wax to shift colors or work as resists in the prints. Working small, we will create distinctive prints to use as is or as a jumping off point for further printing, stitching and embellishing.

Lisa will describe, demonstrate and show samples of how she makes a practice of picking up bits of rusty metal on daily walks, then uses those to print papers and fabrics which are further embellished with mono-printing and often combined with other fabrics to make mixed media artwork.

The rusted bundles will have to sit at least a day or two before they are ready to be opened and worked on further. There will be minimal prep work required before the class begins.
Materials fee for shared materials supplied by me: $15/student.