PTA Board 2016

Mission Statement

Pacific Textile Arts is a 501(C)(3) educational non-profit existing to support, share, and celebrate the fiber arts.

Located at 450 Alger St. Fort Bragg, CA 95437 - the east end of Laurel St., turn left, first house. phone: 707-409-6811

Houses classrooms, a library, gallery, demonstration studios, and sales room.

Donations Accepted


Wednesdays 10:30-NOON Thursdays 1:30-3:30 Saturdays 11:00-1:00

For additional hours call the PTArts phone number - outgoing message has information on contacting board members: Jackie, Nancy or Lolli

Current Board Members

President: Elaine Todd
Vice President: Jackie Wollenberg
Secretary: Karen Inwood
Treasurer: Nancy Denison
Sue Arnold
Ann Brezina
Mickie McCormic
Jennie Henderson
Lolli Jacobsen
Nancy Trissel
At Large: Pavlos Mayakis


Education Director: Lolli Jacobsen
Registrar: Nancy Denison
Librarian: Roberta Brockschmidt
Programs Director: Lolli Jacobsen
Office Mgr/Bookkeeper: Nancy Denison
Facilities Development: Jackie Wollenberg
Publicity: Mickie McCormic, Laine Escola
WebMaster:  NormaLee Andres
Facebook: Karen Inwood; Jennie Henderson


Fiscal Year 2018-2019:
Mikado Tada, Jackie Wollenberg, Adriane Nicolaisen, Mickie McCormic, Alissa Allen, Lisa Grey, Jo Britton

Fiscal Year 2019-2020:
Nancy Kennedy, Sue Luna, Deborah Corsini

Other PTArts Volunteeers

Programs/Gallery: Eleanor Adams
Gallery: Adriane Nicolaisen
Gardens: Laine Escola, Diana Corbin
Spinning Group Leader: Ann Brezina
Constant Contact Admin: Karen Inwood
Scrapbook: Diana Corbin

PDF of Newsletter

Click on this link to see in color Jackie’s last newsletter which was mailed the week of April 10th to all PTArts folks past and present.

What is Sprang?

PTArts Program Saturday March 23rd. NormaLee shared information gotten at Carol James’ MAC class last November. Social and Sharing at 10 – Program 11 to noon.


Your $15 annual membership dues keep this organization going.  Please consider joining this year by using the online form.

Take all 3 Rugs classes and save $

If you are interested in weaving rugs … there are 3 wonderful opportunities to expand your repertoire … and if you decide to take all 3 classes, you can save $200 over the cost of the individual classes. (1) $350 (2) $350 (3) $250

(1) RAGS IN TRANSITION with Jo Britton June

SF Weaving Workshop April 4-5 2019

Loom and Shuttle Guild — presents
Wendy Garrity, Kushutara.  April 4 & 5, 2019 Workshop. In this workshop, Wendy Garrity will introduce students to sapma and thrima, the supplementary weft techniques used to create kushutara, the sumptuous single-faced brocade used for women’s festival dresses in Bhutan. Participants will explore traditional Bhutanese motifs and begin to combine the 5 basic stitches to weave these motifs and to experiment with their own designs. Wendy learned from and wove alongside master weavers during a year living in Bhutan, and shares techniques not documented in the few books published on Bhutanese textiles. She has adapted the techniques executed on the Bhutanese backstrap loom to the shaft loom in order to share them with western weavers. Participants will have the opportunity to examine samples of Bhutanese kushutara cloth and learn to identify how different patterns are created, to enable them to continue their own explorations after the workshop.  Participants will also have the opportunity to converse with Wendy about her experiences living in Bhutan, attending festivals, teaching in schools, weaving alongside locals, and traveling the country to research and learn the weaving techniques.
Although kushutara is woven in Bhutan with a pickup stick and fine silk yarns, participants will learn using more substantial yarn that can be manipulated with the fingers, increasing the ground we can cover during this workshop.   $175 + $30 materials fee.  Non-members $200.00 + $30.00 material fee.  Limited to 12 participants.  Workshop to be held in our regular meeting space at St. John’s UCC.  Full fee required to required to reserve a space.  Contact Lucinda at sunsetsf(at)

March Gallery Show

TEXTILES ABOUT TEXTILES is a show of wet-felted tapestries inspired by the textiles of Mexico, Guatemala and Peru. They are abstract paintings in wool felt, meant to celebrate my fascination with the ethnic textile traditions that have inspired me since I began working in fiber.The work in this show reinterprets the language of motif, color, rhythm and repetition characteristic of the huipil, a garment once worn by Meso-American people”.
Adriane Nicolaisen

Spring 2019 Natural Dye Magazine

Turkey Red Journal – A Journal Dedicated to Natural Dyes

February Program: 7pm 2-16-19

Arianne’s talk focused on indigenous weaving practices as well as innovations and revivals in textile production in Oaxaca. She drew from her own personal experience working and collaborating with weavers in rural communities in Southern Mexico since 2008; to highlight some of the most important issues regarding the value of handwoven textiles in the region. She was primarily focusing her talk on textiles woven from native, homegrown cotton varieties which are naturally colored and those woven from yarn or thread dyed with locally sourced plants and insects.

Arianne Rand, raised in rural Mendocino County, has been living and working in Oaxaca, Mexico for over a decade. She is an artisan advocate, a textile and natural fibers enthusiast, a designer who espouses the slow design ethos, a social design practitioner and a mixed-media artist who is finally learning to weave.  She is the founder and creative director of Esda Studio, a socially responsible design studio offering unique textiles, jewelry and baskets made by artisans in Oaxaca’s indigenous communities.

There will be items for sale at this program.

First Friday-Calligraphy Show

5-8pm in the PTArts Gallery.

The Calligraphy Study Group has been meeting once a week at the Pacific Textile Arts classroom for five years. Meetings are Thursdays 1:30-4:30 in the PTArts classroom. We have benefited greatly from our our time together, both as artists and friends. This exhibit represents a diverse range of skills and expressions of our interest in calligraphy.

We are pleased to show the recent work of Judy Detrick, Erik Henrikson, Jacob Hewko, Roger Jordan, Robert Ross, Larry Thomas, Linda Turner, and Harry Van Ornum.

The exhibit will continue through the month of February.

January 26th PTArts program

Saturday January 26th PTArts Program will begin at 10am with social and sharing and at 11am Victoria Ridenour will give a program centered around her work as a self employed designer and creator of costumes.
Expect the use of mannequins!

“Making Fantasies Come To Life”
For forty years I have run a self made business creating clothing of history fantasy and reality.

It is a job that has taken me around the world and has introduced challenges and an amazing chance to express myself doing what I do best. I create one of a kind made to order pieces for men and women sometimes puling from an extensive collection of unusual materials both modern and antique which I have collected throughout my life.

I am bringing a few pieces to show and talk about and hopefully entertain you with some of the adventures I have had dressing people in their dreams.