PTA Board 2016

Mission Statement

Pacific Textile Arts is a 501(C)(3) educational non-profit existing to support, share, and celebrate the fiber arts.

Located at 450 Alger St. Fort Bragg, CA 95437 - the east end of Laurel St., turn left, first house. phone: 707-409-6811

Houses a gallery, library, demonstration studios, sales room, and classrooms.

Donations Accepted


Wednesdays 10:30-NOON Thursdays 1:30-3:30 Saturdays 11:00-1:00

For additional hours call the PTArts phone number - outgoing message has information on contacting board members: Jackie, Nancy or Lolli

2016 Board

Current Board Members

President: Elaine Todd
Vice President: Jackie Wollenberg
Secretary: Karen Inwood
Treasurer/Office: Nancy Denison
Newsletter: Jackie Wollenberg
Monthly Programs/Gallery/Classes: Lolli Jacobsen
Publicity: Mickie McCormic, Lolli, Karen
Constant Contact: Karen Inwood
Gardens: Karen Inwood
Facilities: Jackie Wollenberg
Facebook: Karen Inwood, Jennie Henderson
Historian: Nancy Denison
At Large: Pavlos Mayakis
Spinning Group Leader: Ann Brezina

2018 new Board Members:
Nancy Trissel
Jennie Henderson

PTArts Volunteeers

Programs/Gallery: Eleanor Adams
Gallery: Adriane Nicholiasen
Librarian: Roberta Brockschmidt
Gardens: Laine Escola, Diana Corbin
Asst to Historian: Laine Escola
Scrapbook: Diana Corbin
WebMaster: NormaLee

Saturday April 28th Program: WOOL

Come at 10am for social and share.  11am   Ann Brezina, recent board member, spinner extraordinaire, shearer and wool judge at Boonville Fair, will be speaking on a favorite subject of hers … WOOL.   Come, enjoy, learn.


Upcoming events …



will now meet regularly on Thursdays 1:30-3:30pm  and no regularly scheduled Saturdays.

Support a Fiber Artist


I’m writing to you to ask your help in keeping me weaving on the 60 inch industrial production AVL loom at the Mendocino Wool and Fiber Mill in Ukiah. The weaving is going incredibly well, and we’re finally at the point where we can start taking bulk orders, but we need a little help over the next few months to sustain us. We need $300 a month to continue paying off the purchase of the loom as well as a little bit extra to support me as I am currently spending out of pocket for gas and other expenses. I’ve set up a patreon account so the people can donate as little as a dollar a month toward helping us keep the loom functioning in Mendocino county and help support me as an artist. Patreon is a great website that allows people to support artists monthly, offering rewards and low payment tiers. Please visit to donate what you can and see behind the scenes pictures and stories about what I’m working on. Anyone interested in large blanket, scarf, or fabric orders please email Matt Gilbert.

You can follow me on Instagram at @the_willow_spider and the mill at @mendowool
Thank you for your support!
Kathryn Rossum,  The Willow Spider


SECOND – Albertina

Earlier this year, Albertina and her daughter Melissa, who have been coming to Calif. on a tourist visa all these years (could it really be 40?!!) were stopped at the San Francisco Airport, visas confiscated, and turned back.  This is a big financial hit for them to be out the airfare as well as the marketing opportunity to sell textiles that support an extended family and much of the community of Santa Catarina Palopo.  They cannot apply for a visa again for five years, so we are trying to figure out ways to help.
Admittedly there were red flags– Tina had already priced things to sell.  She usually puts the tags on once she gets here.  And Melissa is pregnant and apparently showing so the official intimated that she was here to have her baby.  One of the scary things was that they did an internet search and found that she had been teaching at Pacific Textile Arts and other places.
We have tried in the past (at Mendocino Art Center) to get official teaching visas and its nearly impossible.
If you want to help financially – to help offset the airfare and lose of income, please contact either Jan Hudson  or Rachel Cruz  and they can receive funds from you and pass on to Albertina’s family and community,

In support of Northern CA fire victims ….

Hi All,

I have started a Facebook page to match up equipment with people that have lost looms, spinning wheels, etc. in the recent California Fires.  Please help me spread the word so that people and organization that have equipment to donate can post what they have and fiber artist can post what equipment they need.
This platform allows for the “wants” and “have” to communicate directly with each other through Facebook without the need for extensive monitoring/coordination.
It would be great if you could post photos or just list equipment that is available to get the ball rolling.  I will contact guilds, CNCH, HGA, SDA, Schacht and other organizations to let them know of this site.  It would be great if we could post a few sentence along with a link on PTA’s website/homepage, add to our next newsletter, and add to our next constant connect email.
Here’s the link: Also, people could do a Facebook search using the terms: “Assist CA Fire Affected Fiber Artists
Thank you and send any additional ideas to me.
Cheers, Pavlos

First Friday: Larry Thomas’s Drawing Class Works

APRIL 6, 2018

Come on down and enjoy the new show.  5pm

In need of fleece to spin? …

March Gallery and Program: following the adventures of Mari

Mari Yamaguchi’s  Japanese Textiles 

Saturday Program Series  3-24-18  FIELD TRIP

We will meet Saturday, March 24 at 10:00 AM in the classroom at Pacific Textile Arts for social and sharing.  By 10:45 we will be carpooling to the studio of Mari Yamaguchi, who will share her extensive collection of Japanese textiles and the cellulose fibers traditionally used in Japan.  Mari is a local member of PTArts, and has an exhibit in Gallery this month with a sampling of her fascinating collection.

All are welcome !!!    (donations greatly appreciated from non-members).

Just a Note:
Still time to sign up for Jason Collingwood’s class April 21-23.

Saturday 2-24-18 PTArts Program

Laura Pierce’s topic – her hooked rugs “off the floor” at our monthly program.  Social sharing starts at 10am and program starts at 11am.

HAPPY NEW YEAR – time to renew your PTArts membership !

May you enjoy fiber, fabrics, surface design … in fact, all textiles in 2018.

January is the start of PTArts’ membership drive.   You can use the online membership form version here.  You can also print this PDF and send it to PTArts 450 Alger St.  Fort Bragg, CA  95437