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Wedge Weave – Eccentric Weave

Wedge Weave – Eccentric Weave

With Deborah Corsini


Summer 2016 dates to be arranged with instructor.

Tuition: $300 with possible materials fee

Workshop Length: 3 days
to be decided by instructor and interested  students

wedge weave Rip Tide 43X25           wedge weave Nightlife 28X72






Bold line, zigzag stripes and scalloped selvedges are striking characteristics of wedge weave.  Instead of weaving perpendicular to the warp, wedge weave is an eccentric weaving technique where the wefts are woven at an angle.  Learn the techniques and design possibilities to create dynamic tapestries. Create a sampler or small piece trying various approaches to wedge weave techniques and styles.

Pursue variations of eccentric weaves, techniques for working with slits, and approaches for combining tapestry and wedge weave.

Students will warp a floor or frame loom and work and learn various approaches to the technique.   A PowerPoint presentation on the history and design of Navajo wedge weave and contemporary adaptations will be included.

A weaver for over 40 years, Deborah Corsini exhibits her work internationally. Her work is in public and private collections.  She is the former curator at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles and continues to be an advocate for all forms of contemporary textiles.


Interested ?  Questions?        Contact Lolli Jacobsen or call (707) 964-4819