PTA Board 2016

Mission Statement

Pacific Textile Arts is a 501-C-3 educational non-profit existing to support, share, and celebrate the fiber arts.

Located at 450 Alger St. Fort Bragg, CA 95437 - the east end of Laurel St., turn left, first house -

email: phone: 707-409-6811

Houses a gallery, library, demonstration studios, sales room, and classrooms.

Wednesdays 10:30-NOON Thursdays 1:30-3:30 Saturdays 11:00-1:00

For additional hours call the PTArts phone number - outgoing message has information on contacting board members: Jackie, Roberta, Nancy or Lolli

Current Board Members

President: Elaine Todd
Vice President: Jackie Wollenberg
Secretary: Karen Inwood
Treasurer: Nancy Denison
Newsletter: Jackie Wollenberg
Monthly Programs/Gallery/Classes: Lolli Jacobsen, Eleanor Adams
Librarian: Roberta Brockschmidt
Constant Contact: Karen Inwood
Gardens: Laine Escola
Facilities: Jackie Wollenberg
Facebook: Kat Rossum
Historian: Nancy Denison, Laine Escola
Office Help: Sue Arnold
Newest: Pavlos Mayakis
Open seat:

Musings …

Woman did not weave the web of life, she is merely a strand in it. Whatever she does to the web she does to herself. (adapted from Suquamish Chief Seattle)

First Friday Event 6-6-16

Come visit the new Gallery show this coming Friday – 5pm
STUDENT WORKS from the Mendocino College, Fort Bragg, Textile Classes taught by Adriane Nicolaisen and Pavlos Mayakis.

In addition to CLASSES in menu – taking names for yet unscheduled classes – changes regularly …
When there are enough folks interested in the topic (say 3 or more) then the class will be scheduled.

If you are interested in taking one of these classes sign up here.
—— or have one in mind, well, you can indicate that as well.

** Braiding with Beads (Karen Huntoon from Truckee)
** Braiding: Braiding around Hooking (Dianne Tobias)
** Wedge Weave – Eccentric Weave (Deborah Corsini)
** Intro to Hand Spinning (Kathryn Rossum)
** Weaving – Beginning & Intermediate levels (Janice Sullivan)
** Dyeing Zapotec Style (Rodrigo Sosa Bautista)
** Zapotec Rug Weaving (Rodrigo Sosa Bautista)
** Weaving – 8 Harness weaving in a parallel universe (Linda Hartshorn) –class will be scheduled in 2017 with dates convenient for interested students and instructor.

Program on Natural Dying with Anni Redding

Saturday 4-23-16    PTArts Program will be “Vibrant Rainbows and Earthly Mellows“.   Social Circle and Show&Tell starts at 10am and program follows at 11.  Workshop will begin in the afternoon.

First Friday … April 1st !

Come by and see the new gallery show – Art Quilts From The Collection Of Sue Arnold.
5 – 8 pm

Sues Quilts I

Special Pgm WED March 23rd 7pm

Free to Pacific Textile Arts Members.  All welcome, donations appreciated


shannon weber DShannon Weber from Oregon will be the Guest Artist in Residence at the Mendocino Art Center March 14 – April 30, 2016 and will be holding a 3 day Fiber Mixed Media Sculpture and En-Caustic workshop at the Mendocino Art Center  April 8-10 2016.


shannon weber A                                                                 shannon weber C

shannon weber B

Shannon has been a working full time studio artist and designer for 30 + years and is known for her use of mixing uncommon materials with several layers of weaving, stitching, and cold connections. She has been featured in Fine Arts publications such as  Surface Design Journal, Fiber Art Now, American Museum and 20 others worldwide and most recently in the book “3D Mixed Media Textile Artist” released in 2015  by Sam Pitcher and Joseph Pitcher of

Shannon lives in Cottage Grove, Oregon in which she maintains a studio full time. For more info see Shannon’s website.

Jason Collingwood

Jason is giving a workshop March 26-29 on 4-end Blockweave Structures.


4-end blockweave (taquete), is an extremely versatile structure for rug weaving. Offering many of the design possibilities that are achievable in 3-end blockweave,  it is none the less visually very different.
The threading allows for plain weave and this means we can explore summer and winter in this class, opening up a whole new range of design options.

First Friday 3-4-16

crossing the line image

he theme of our collaborative show with North Coast Artists, Partners, and Edgewater Galleries.

Members of each gallery will
explore the concept of “line” in their chosen medium. The fiber arts expression will feature the work of local weavers and tapestry artists.


PTArts Program 2/27

ORIENTAoriental rug 2L RUGS

will be the subject of the Program Series
meeting on Sat., Feb. 27. 
Meet to Share 10:00
Program 11:00

Oriental rug expert, Rick Sapinski, invites you to bring an easy-to-carry rug for show & tell, along with items he will bring to discuss construction and  appreciation of this marvelous artistic medium.
oriental rug
Textile History Class #8 will follow at 1:30pm
Feb. 27 TEXTILE HISTORY Class 1:30-4:30pm
Begin Places:  Africa, Egypt (Copts) Mid/Near East  
If you have not enrolled for the entire class, you may attend an individual class session for $40.Here are a couple of interesting articles: Discovery of old textiles in the Arava Valley, Israel and world’s oldest dress.

Textile History Class #7

Feb. 20 TEXTILE HISTORY Class 1:30-4:30pm
Accessory Structures – Stitch, Quilt, etc.
If you have not enrolled for the entire class, you may attend an individual class session for $40.

Textile History Class #6

Feb. 13 TEXTILE HISTORY Class   1:30-4:30pm
Finishes, Dyes, Dyeing, Printing
  If you have not enrolled for the entire class, you may attend an individual class session for $40.