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  • Best of Fiber Faire – Online Soon
    PACIFIC TEXTILE ARTS  —  BEST OF FIBER FAIREOrdinarily PTArts has a textile rummage sale / bazaar fundraiser the first weekend in October.These are textile related treasures donated to us during the year.Due to COVID-19 we did not hold…
  • California Arts Council GRANTS
    The California Arts Council recently announced the historic return of direct funding for California’s individual artists, for the first time in nearly two decades!    Apply by April 1 for the Individual Artists Fellowship grant, supporting emerging, established,…
  • Welcome 2021
    We are all hopeful that with the vaccine becoming available, PTArts and the rest of the world will return to prior activities – programs, classes, and other textile related endeavors.
  • CTTC – Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco
    Lolli notes that this organization has been in existence for quite some time. 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco. It is aligned with a support organization call Andean Textile Arts. You…
  • Hurricanes thru Guatemala
    Deborah Chandler writes ” We have had a long and extra-wet rainy season here in Central America this year, and now for a grand finale we have been hit by two huge hurricanes, ETA and IOTA. The damage…
  • In Memory Of ….
    Judy Fisher 1928-2020
  • CNCH Fall Newsletter
    Click HERE to see the current Conference of Northern California Handweavers newsletter.
  • Attending a Show via PDF file
    Textile makers around the world do more than create vibrant fabrics for innumerable uses. Their creations stretch in countless ways. They reach back in time—continuing time-honored practices—and forward in time, bringing countless innovations and cross-cultural influences. Textiles may…
  • Celebrate Spinning and Weaving Week Oct 5-11, 2020
    Handweaver’s Guild of America The PTArts Spinning Group continues to meet regularly – contact Ann Brezina at annscats @ gmail for more information. Recently we have been meeting at Ann’s home but we also gather on the patio…
    Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s FIBER FAIR has been cancelled.
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    Check out our FACEBOOK page.You can find the 2020 Newsletter here.
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    All PTArts gatherings postponed until further notice (Gallery, Programs, Classes, etc..) Posted 3-18-2020