Sosa Family Rugs and Tapestry Exhibit

An Evening with Rodrigo Sosa Bautista  – Gallery exhibit of rugs and tapestries from the Sosa family of Teotítlan del Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico.
Rodrigo is a Zapotec weaver from the famed rug and tapestry weaving village of Teotitlan Del Valle. He will be representing his family. Rodrigo is the fourth generation in his family to carry on the centuries old tradition of spinning ,dyeing, and weaving tapetes(rugs) he has been weaving since he was 8 years old. His handwoven designs are based on traditional diamonds,stars, little eyes, shapes along with decorative bands of grecas patterns (geometrical motifs) of prehistoric origin.

The Sosa family is a Zapotec weaver family from Teotitlan Del Valle Oaxaca dedícated to the elaboration of handmade rugs and tapestries made with sheep wool on a pedal loom, using ancestral prehispanic techniques and natural dyes.   From a very early age around 8 years old the members of the family learn to wash, carding, spin yarn and dye the wool and then to weave. To dye the wool they use natural pigments from plants , insects and minerals , such as cactus insects cochineal, indigo, pericon, rock moss, huizache, pomegranate, walnut leaves. The rugs and tapestries  capture traditional decorative grecas of the pyramids of Mitla, Monte Alban and are inspired by looking at the sky, with the movement of the sun, the moon and the stars .

Meet Rodrigo on first Fridays, July 1 & August 5th from 5-8pm
Refreshments will be served on the patio outside.
Members please bring finger food to share.
Covid:  Vaccination recommended, masks required inside.

Tuesday 1-4pm
Wednesday 10:30am-noon
Thursday 1-4pm
Saturday: 11am-1pm
& by appointment

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