May 31 2023 - May 31 2023

Beauty and Terror

  • May 31 2023 - May 31 2023

  • Lillian Colden

An 18 work series about the Holocaust and contemporary issues

Beauty and Terror

Robin L Bernstein will be exhibiting a selection of works from Beauty and Terror, an 18 work series about the Holocaust, as well as work about contemporary issues. Each artwork is made by obsessively pressing thousands of tiny cut pieces of colored string into wax.


The pieces in Beauty and Terror range from major aspects and lesser known crimes of the Holocaust as well as redemptive stories and heroic acts of resistance. Believing that art has the power to shift human behavior, Bernstein chooses subject matter, materials, and processes that support this idea. Her subject matter combined with her artistic technique is her way of shouting from the rooftops that those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

These pieces exist in part to help prevent historical amnesia and to push back against rising autocracies around the world.

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