Jan 3 2024 - Jan 3 2024

June 8-9 An Introduction to Inkle Loom Weaving

  • Jan 3 2024 - Jan 3 2024


Class: An introduction to Inkle Weaving with Bernadette Geuy
Tuition: $150/Members $170/Non-Members
Class Dates: Saturday & Sunday, June 8-9, 2024
Times: 9:30am-4:30pm
Place: Pacific Textile Arts classroom
Number of Students: Minimum:5  Max:10
Materials fee: $25, pay directly to teacher

Class Description:

In this 2-day workshop, students will learn how to weave a colorful band (or two) on an Inkle loom and make a key fob. The instructor will review the anatomy of an Inkle loom, warp-faced weaving basics, an overview of some weaving techniques, and uses for your woven bands. Students are not expected to have any experience with an Inkle loom or weaving. Note that weaving a band on an Inkle loom can take a few hours or days to complete, depending on the complexity of the pattern and gauge of the threads.

As an introductory class, we’ll start with some design basics, a starter pattern, and selecting colors for a band. You will gain the skill of making heddles and then threading heddled and unheddled warp threads on the loom. This will include learning how to change the colors of your warp threads and weaving from a pattern. Then, we’ll weave our first band by winding a shuttle, making sheds with the engagement of heddled and unheaddled threads, and beating in the weft. Optionally, you’ll learn some basic pick-up techniques to enhance your design. Lastly, we’ll take our bands off the loom, seam them so they don’t fray, and make a key fob.

List of items students need to bring:
Inkle loom and band shuttle, or arrange to borrow from PTA Scissors
Tape measure
Notebook and pen
Colored pencils or pens for designing

Bernadette has worked in technology for many years. However, she spends as much time as possible creating as a knitter, sewer, weaver, and more. These tactile creative activities have been a source of great joy and a much-needed antidote to working at a computer. She enjoys making hand-crafted materials and the meanings they hold for the maker and the person who receives them. Inspired by an exhibition of the weavings of Kay Sekimachi, Bernadette began her weaving journey with an Inkle loom and learning card weaving. Her favorite technique is Andean pebble weaving and manipulating threads with her fingers to create interesting designs. Learning to weave has given Bernadette the op- portunity to connect with her ancestors, who were weavers, and to keep and share these important skills and knowledge alive.

Questions: Email classes@pacifictextilearts.org


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