February Program: 7pm 2-16-19

Arianne’s talk focused on indigenous weaving practices as well as innovations and revivals in textile production in Oaxaca. She drew from her own personal experience working and collaborating with weavers in rural communities in Southern Mexico since 2008; to highlight some of the most important issues regarding the value of handwoven textiles in the region. She was primarily focusing her talk on textiles woven from native, homegrown cotton varieties which are naturally colored and those woven from yarn or thread dyed with locally sourced plants and insects.

Arianne Rand, raised in rural Mendocino County, has been living and working in Oaxaca, Mexico for over a decade. She is an artisan advocate, a textile and natural fibers enthusiast, a designer who espouses the slow design ethos, a social design practitioner and a mixed-media artist who is finally learning to weave.  She is the founder and creative director of Esda Studio, a socially responsible design studio offering unique textiles, jewelry and baskets made by artisans in Oaxaca’s indigenous communities.

There will be items for sale at this program.

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