You may order the book, Mushrooms For Dyes, Paper, Pigments & Myco-Stix, by Miriam C. Rice and Dorothy Beebee from or from Nancy directly (for $35) if you live in Mendocino/Fort Bragg area.

As reported in our 2021 Newsletter:  At Pacific Textile Arts, we have created a separate section of our library called: THE MIRIAM C. RICE RESEARCH LIBRARY and installed it on the available shelves in the PTArts office. This collection of books, magazines, letters, and memories of international symposia were donated by Miriam’s estate and others who helped develop the body of knowledge from experimentation that Miriam began in the early 1970’s in Mendocino, California when she discovered color pigment in mushrooms that she found in the local forests. Mushrooms became another natural dye source for textile artists! Miriam’s research led to the publication of 3 books and international interest through meetings (symposia) around the world every two years or so. PTArts board member, Nancy Denison, worked with Miriam over a period of 24 years, continues as a board member of the International Mushroom Dye Institute, and loves to share her experiences on the subject. You may contact Nancy for more information 707- 964- 1082 or nancydenison @ Websites to visit are and